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RuneScape Celebrates Its 18th Anniversary

Written by Nate Lakritz on January 4th, 2019.

Today marks RuneScape‘s 18th anniversary. The groundbreaking MMO has reached some impressive milestones, including over $1 billion in lifetime revenue, the record for highest attendance at an annual player convention (RuneFest), and over 5 million installs of Old School RuneScape on mobile devices. Jagex, the company behind the game, is enjoying the success of their landmark title. Jagex SVP John Burns has stated, “A number of initiatives really hit the mark for us in 2018, and we’ll be using all of our learnings from these activities to deliver even more this year.”

With the recent mobile release of Old School RuneScape, the franchise is seeing record-breaking subscriber numbers in its 18th year. The mobile format has always been a great fit for the game, which requires lots of time and generally little effort. RuneScape’s newfound portability gives players the incentive to play more often and purchase the game’s premium membership. The MMO’s “old school” format appears to strike a chord with players as well, providing nostalgia and arguably the game’s best version. It looks like RuneScape is actually surpassing the achievements of its 2008 prime. We’ll see where RuneScape heads in the future, but it might be content with living in the past.


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