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Overwatch Brawl 8/23 – Highly Offensive

Written by Garrett W. on January 1st, 2017.

The Overwatch Summer Games have officially concluded, ending the reign of “Lucioball”. Now, we are introduced to a new Weekly Brawl titled “Highly Offensive”. This brawl will complete our list of class-based brawls, as now you can only play as the Offensive heroes of Overwatch. Your team is limited to two of each hero. With so many high DPS characters, kills are fairly quick and everyone can have a high impact on the game. However, there is practically no teamwork involved and “Highly Offensive” feels more like team deathmatch from traditional FPS titles.

The Offensive heroes’ main jobs in play are to deal high damage, securing kills on any open target. Most of their abilities include extra damage output or tactical tools to gain an edge over opponents. The only abilities that can help your team are Soldier’s Biotic Field and at a stretch Genji’s Deflect. Their ultimates also have no synergy at all, with no catalyst such as Zarya’s Graviton Surge to provoke them.

This means that gameplay does not feel team oriented, but rather more individualistic. You basically run around looking for kills, with no need to pay attention to your teammates. There are no tanks to absorb damage, no supports to heal you, and no defense heroes to assist. You’re playing your own game the whole time because that’s all you can really do. You hope your team will deal high enough damage and get kills, enough so to lead you to victory. Matches end up being somewhat stale and not very rewarding. Individual success is one thing, but success as a team is a much better motive.

“Highly Offensive” felt like a giant aim battle, with little to no focus on team play. Although the style may work with other games; this is Overwatch, a highly team-focused title. I know I usually say I’m looking for different brawls, but I’m not searching for a brawl that disrupts the core concept of Overwatch.

My rating for this week’s “Highly Offensive” brawl is a 2 out of 5. The gameplay feels sub-par, isn’t interesting, and is a let down after the amazing “Lucioball”. Luckily, this is the last brawl involving individual classes, meaning future brawls will have to be more creative. If Blizzard’s recent clues involving the “Skycoder” are signs to tell, then I have high hopes for the future of Overwatch.


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