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Razer’s Bold Announcements at CES 2017

Written by Will C. on January 8th, 2017.

CES 2017 wrapped up last week in Las Vegas and brings the end to, as always, hundreds of displays showing off new tech for the year. As far as gaming hardware goes it seems that Razer had stolen this year’s show. However, it also appears somebody was bold enough to steal the show stealer (if that makes any sense). Before we get into the theft, let’s first take a look at exactly what Razer put up for display.

Project Ariana is going to be Razer’s newest edition to their Chroma series. The Chroma series has always worked toward immersing gamers into their experience, featuring keyboards and mice that sync lighting effects to the game being played. This new project is a little bolder than just upgraded LEDs though. It’s involves a projector which, in theory, sounds straightforward enough. This projector works in combination with the user’s current monitor and expands their field of view. It’s difficult to explain what it may look like, so viewing the video below is recommended for those interested in the product.

Next on Razer’s docket was their announcement of their new project, Valerie. It’s become the norm for most desktops to have multi-display setups and it’s difficult to imagine this being feasible on a laptop. Razer didn’t seem to think so however. That’s right, project Valerie is a multi-display “mobile desktop”.

The new mobile gaming station will feature three 17.3 inch displays each running at 4K resolution. The screen panels will be automated and fold out from the display itself. This means no extra wires, plugs, or any other nonsense. Powering these screens is a desktop-worthy Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPU that supports Nvidia’s surround view technology. The device will also feature a mechanical keyboard and it is safe to assume that Chroma features will be enabled.

Razer Project Valerie 1

Razer’s Project Valerie

Unfortunately, Razer reported that some of their display items from CES were stolen. A comment released to the public from Razer’s legal team disclosed that two of their display units of their project Valerie prototypes were stolen from their booth at approximately 4pm on Sunday, January 8th. They are offering a $25,000 reward for information regarding the crime or constituents involved. Any information of the theft can be sent to Razer is working with event officials and local police in effort to find the missing items. They are not ruling out corporate espionage or cheating for the time being.


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