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Nintendo Direct Rescheduled for September 13th

Written by Jordan Lucero on September 12th, 2018.

Grab your popcorn-again! Nintendo has rescheduled the delayed September Nintendo Direct. Originally airing on the 6th, it was delayed because of the magnitude 6.7 earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan. At 6pm ET, you can still expect 35 minutes of 3DS and Switch news, including a bunch of details for Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo has confirmed that more info about Nintendo Switch Online will be revealed tomorrow. Nintendo revealed a free 7-day trial and the service’s release date in a tweet shortly after the re-announcement. Nintendo Switch Online will launch on September 18th, and Nintendo Switch version 6.0 will release the same day. That update will make unlinking a Nintendo account from a user profile impossible. Read this page for more info.

Don’t expect anything extra from the one week delay, and expect some news you’ve already heard when it comes to third-party games. Many developers and publishers went ahead and already announced various news despite the delay, so be prepared for some retreading.

Launch Party Gaming will keep you updated on all of the announcements in tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct. Are you excited? Let us know below in the comments.


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