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“Unmissable” Ace Attorney Panel at This Year’s Tokyo Game Show

Written by Jordan Lucero on September 10th, 2018.

Tokyo Game Show is coming up soon, and Capcom has confirmed that they will be hosting a 40-minute Ace Attorney panel! Last year, a Capcom executive outlined plans in an article for better Switch support, and Ace Attorney was the only franchise specifically mentioned. It is very possible that the TGS panel will feature a brand new Ace Attorney game for Switch launching at the end of 2018, and/or a collection of older Ace Attorney titles launching before October. It is likely that the collection of Ace Attorney titles will launch digitally like most 3DS Ace Attorney games, as the October deadline is quickly approaching.

The panel will take place on September 22nd, and we will keep you updated on any announcements. Capcom has described the panel as “unmissable” for fans. The presentation will feature series producer, Motohide Eshiro, and game designer, Shinsuke Kodama. Are you looking forward to it? Let us know below.


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