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Minecraft 1.8 – The Bountiful Update

Written by Nate Lakritz on June 11th, 2016.

After 312 days and 52 snapshots since the major Minecraft 1.7 update, Version 1.8 is finally here! With this being the longest wait for a full update, there were a ton of bugs to be squashed during development. The Mojang team spends a large portion of their time working on the bug tracker in between each key update in order to make the game more smooth and enjoyable. To be precise, a whopping 396 Minecraft issues were successfully solved; more than one per day! Now, most people don’t care much for the details of what was fixed so let’s get into what was actually added to the game.

First off, a ton of new splashes have been included for the title screen. Splashes are the short lines of text that appear alongside the Minecraft logo in the main menu. My favorite new addition is “Now with additional stuff!” A few new options are now present in the menu including a skin customization setting and a vertex buffer selector. Also, an achievement called “Overpowered” can now be obtained by crafting a enchanted golden apple. The new spectator game mode allows users to creepily spy on everyone, even those who are invisible. A cool enchantment called “Depth Strider” lets players swim through water much faster than before. This feature will be really useful in chasing people down in PvP battles.

Two types of world generation, The Underground and Ocean Monuments will now provide a home to brand new underwater block additions. Ocean Monuments consist of eight gold blocks submerged and surrounded by Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, Dark Prismarine, and Sea Lanterns. Elder guardian enemies will spawn around these structures and a boss Guardian will spawn in when the elders are alerted. Also, three new ores, granite, andesite, and diorite can be found in the underground zone and can be crafted into polished versions of themselves. This is the first time in years where some primary ores have been added to the game. I am super excited to discover their rarity and appearance in the game.

Minecraft 1

(Minecraft, Mojang)

Doors and fences now come in all the existing types of wood to allow for some more decorative variations. Other added components include Coarse Dirt, Red Sandstone, Wet Sponges, Slime Blocks, Banners, Armor Stands, Iron Trapdoors, and Barriers. Slime blocks are really interesting because you can bounce on them, along with any other mobs that land on top of the blobs. Barriers are new invisible blocks that work similarly to the WorldGuard plugin. Lastly, armor stands can now hold all your various armor enhancements on a rack. I have seen these stands before in multiple mods and noticed Mojang likes to adopt several suggestions from the community which is great.

One of the most discussed features is that there are now rabbits running around in the game! Rabbits drop raw food, and can be bred in the same manner as other friendly mobs. A new hostile mob, the Endermite, is less favored than the rabbit, but nevertheless is now present. A great number of minor changes to old blocks have been implemented, but I will leave you to discover them yourself. I think everyone will enjoy the new update, and let’s get hyped for 1.9!

Source: Mojang


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