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Fragmentum Preview

Laser Powered Lego Ships

Written by Fudge on July 19th, 2016.

Fragmentum is an up-and-coming 3D RTS set in open space. One of its major features is that you can customize every unit and make new ones. After spending some time with the latest alpha build, I can say that while rough, it has potential. The game is being developed by Lundar Games, a small studio that formed in 2014. It is currently posted on Steam Greenlight as well. From the looks of their page, it appears Fragmentum has been in the works for a while, but is finally starting to gain traction.

The game itself is pretty standard RTS fare at the time of writing, with most of its features working but still being refined. Gameplay starts you off with a single unit, selected from a list at the start (which will include any starting unit you think to make up). The unit is tasked with mining your two most important resources — hydrogen and carbon. After collecting enough, you can get some buildings up. Build some miners, mine some resources, and get to the higher tech tree. Once there, you’ll begin trying to defeat any opponents on the map by destroying their base and/or units. Pretty standard stuff, but the unit creation hopes to set it apart.

Fragmentum 1

Players can make their own maps with the built-in editor. (Fragmentum, Lundar Games)

The Blueprint Studio allows players to make their own tech tree to use in-game. While the Blueprint Studio isn’t fully fleshed out yet and is difficult to navigate, the framework is present. You can edit existing units, come up with your own using built-in tools, and wrap them all together to make a custom faction. The Studio balances your creations by calculating the values and costs of every piece you add to your units, preventing you from making a free super-weapon. That doesn’t stop you from making cool things though. The Blueprint Studio has a very Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts feel to it, although way more basic. Once fully developed, I can see this as a big time sink for players who like to tinker around a lot. In addition to a unit editor, Fragmentum also comes with a map editor. It is simple, powerful, and as easy to use as the game itself (albeit, with any pitfalls in user interface persisting here as well). All the building blocks in the game itself are available in the map editor, meaning you can make maps just as great as, if not better than, the maps in the base game. All this customization is surely meant to be a main draw come full release.

Fragmentum 2

The Blueprint Studio allows players to make their own tech tree to use in-game. (Fragmentum, Lundar Games.)

The developers are very active on Twitter, constantly posting updates and progress reports. The gameplay is already pretty solid and both AI and pathfinding are already fleshed out. Feedback and Feature Requests are taken in stride from Lundar Games, which is vital to the success of any game-in-progress. Some aspects still need work, however. I had a hard time navigating the Blueprint Studio to make my own units, and the interface controls took some getting used to. The game is also in full 3D, making it difficult to navigate at times. The lack of any form of map definitely adds to the confusion. Having no fog of war also means that it’s easy to spy on enemy players. While the game is meant to offer full customization, there aren’t many building blocks at the moment, meaning choices are limited. Hopefully we will see much more content to play with as the game progresses.

Overall, Fragmentum is looking strong. Pacing was right, the units all had a purpose, and it was just fun to play. Lundar Games is doing a fantastic job, and once the game is finished, it may well be worth a purchase. If RTS games and unit customization are your thing, head on over to the Greenlight page and give this game a vote. If you are interested in Early Access, Fragmentum is available for purchase as a standalone from its website. If you decide to follow progress, make sure to give feedback! As with any alpha game, the best thing you can do for them is show interest, and the best thing they can do is listen to feedback.

**A review copy of Fragmentum was provided by Lundar Games.**


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