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Two Point Hospital Trailer

The World's Most Ridiculous Hospital

Written by Nate Lakritz on August 30th, 2018.

Two Point Hospital looks to be a chaotic hospital sim. The game has a cartoony art style and goofy plot, where players must manage a medical facility filled with gags. From “turtle head” to “jest infection”, random ailments must be cured by various contraptions to keep patients healthy and happy. Two Point Hospital is the debut title from Two Point Studios and has been heavily influenced by Theme Hospital, a comparable simulation game released in 1997 that was developed by some of the same team.

Designing buildings, training new staff, researching illnesses, and marketing your services are all various responsibilities of the player. Unexpected events will attempt to throw you off as you strive to build the world’s greatest hospital. Two Point Hospital delivers a lighthearted simulation for all ages and can be purchased exclusively as a digital download on PC.


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